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Sean was born in 1948 in Hull. His lifelong passion for photography began during his time at Ealing Art College in the 1970s, where he studied the craft and honed his creative vision. He spent most of his life in Bristol, working as a skilled builder specialising in the restoration of houses. However, his love for capturing the world through his lens never wavered. Sean's dedication to his craft was evident as he documented moments, scenes, and emotions throughout his entire life.

Despite living, working, and raising a family in Bristol, Sean held a deep affection for his hometown of Hull. He took great pride in his roots, and his images often reflected the essence and character of Hull and its people. A true testament to his loyalty, Sean remained an avid supporter of Hull City, unwavering in his commitment to his beloved team.

In recent years Sean started rediscovering and scanning his negatives from the 70s. This caught the eye of the publisher Cafe Royal Books and his images are now available for the world to see. 

Sean sadly died at the beginning of 2023 - his memory lives on through his images. 

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